1. Discussion on student interest and Profiling (Zero hour)
  2. 2 Psychometric tests to assess the personality to arrive at the best possible stream & career decision.
  3. 12 one-one-mentor sessions with student/parent to discuss possible study stream & career choices.
  4. Track the progress of student and helping them to build the profile in YEAR1.
  5. Finalize the list of colleges/Universities to apply during class 11th.
  1. 8 one-one-mentorship sessions in YEAR2 (class 12th) to track the progress in class/grades.
  2. Test preparation strategy
  3. Tracking and applying to various entrance exams best suited for the selected program and colleges.
  4. Entrance exam preparation recommendation and study plan
  5. Documents preparations like Essay and LORs (if needed)
  6. Assisting in making applications to the selected universities.
  7. Personality Development class and soft skills training