Studying abroad can be more challenging than any of you ever thought and is indeed more rewarding than what you assume it to be. I am a study abroad consultant, and have been dealing with students for over a decade now. However, what takes me aback, is that in spite of availability of such a wide spread information which is easily accessible through social media and internet searching, students still seem to be oblivious about so many fields where they can pursue a course from Germany and make their career. I am sure most of the consultancies in Pune are flooded with Mechanical Engineers only or at best engineers in general, willing to pursue a career in technical sector.

Here, with this blog today I wish to tell you which all fields could be explored in Germany and what are its benefits:


1: Learning a German Course: Yes you heard me right! Knowing German can open fortunes of opportunities for you in India and Germany too. So if you are a language enthusiast or want to pursue your career in language, then going to Germany to learn it, could be a better option. With this course you can explore career avenues in translation, interpretation, training, Customer relations, Business Development et al. There are more career avenues, start researching!

2. Sociology and Psychology courses: If you are an Arts graduate, with majors in psychology or sociology, there is a wide gamut of courses within the field that you can explore. Apart from all the known reasons for preferring Germany as a study destination, the major fact is that there several universities in Germany, which are well recognized and well ranked for the courses in Psychology and Sociology. A course in psychology or sociology with appropriate knowledge of German language can get you an employment in various areas including public sector.

3. Masters in Management: contrary to the myth that MBA is better than MIM, MSc. in Management is a better option for students who have a work experience ranging between 0-2 years, and especially for the ones who wishes to switch their careers from technical arena to Management. It is an extensive course which covers the fundamentals of Management studies before proceeding with the core curriculum. MIM as is commonly known encompasses all the skills that are needed for you to start your career in consulting, project management, research, Market analysis et al.

4. Ausbildung – a Dual study program: Though getting into a dual study program can be challenging, but this is a golden opportunity for any student who wishes to earn and learn while collecting a practical experience. Dig deeper and you will be spoiled with choices of courses that you can pursue. From Office Administration to Mechanical Engineering, you have it all here. There are instances when the student with vocational credits is preferred over regular graduates as well. With an Ausbildung you can expect to earn as much as 795Euro per month as your starting income while you are still pursuing the course as per the official website of

5. Masters of Finance: A specialised program in Finance is what you could take up in Germany. It is a pathway which leads you to a career as an investment banker, actuarial, market research analyst, risk assessment, corporate finance et al.

6. Medicine: Are you aware, by any chance, about the dearth of doctors in Germany? Owing to which the rules applied for Doctors were relaxed about half a decade back, and International students who have acquired their training from a foreign country also could get medical license in Germany. From optical sciences to medical informatics and from MBBS to Nursing you have a whole gamut of courses available for you.

7. Studienkolleg: For all the students who wish to pursue Bachelors studies for free in Germany, StudienKolleg is a pathway program where you spend a year completing StudienKolleg and grab a place in your dream university for free on successful completion of the course. So now why wait for Masters when you can get into a university with StudienKolleg.

8. Sports Management: Are you a sports person? Worry not; Germany has a specialised course in Sports Management as well, where you could add avenues to your career. Why restrict yourself to training and coaching alone when you could actually break all the shackles and make a career people die for.

9. Robotics: Germany is already moving towards industry 4.0 and the field of Robotics has been gaining impetus like never before. So if Automation is what interests you then you must explore courses in Robotics as well.

10. Physics: Did it ever occur to you that one of the oldest academic disciplines could pave a path of your career? Yes Physics further offers you a wide range of career options right from Photonics, Molecular Sciences, Polymer Sciences, Biophysics and many more. So if Newton’s three laws fascinated you in your childhood, you would probably love to dig deeper in this field as well.

11. Nanotechnology: A perfect combination of interdisciplinary sciences, nano technology deals with a study nano atoms and structures. A nano technology graduate can find his way into any of the sectors including Electronics, IT, Automotive, Optics, Laser, Pharmaceutical, medicine technology et al.

12. Tourism & Hospitality: Are you an avid traveler? Do you love to organize and manage trips? Then why not seek a professional training in it? Germany offers you best quality courses in Tourism and Hospitality taught completely in English. It’s time to stop dreaming and start living your dreams.

Apart from the aforementioned courses and career paths that you could tread in Germany, there are many more like Computer Sciences, Business Analytics, BioMedical Sciences, Liberal Arts, , et al. that you could explore. If you cannot research and find one for yourself, then allow us to do it for you. Get a free profiling done from EUgateway to understand which avenues and pathways could be explored by you based on your previous qualification, interest and skill sets. Write to us on saee.puranik@eugateway to get your queries and concerns addressed.

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