MIM or MBA?”-

This is a common dilemma for any student willing to pursue career in Management. How to unfold the right choice of career out of several options of the management courses?  To make a right decision a student needs to understand different options available in Management studies. Here we will discuss the difference between two major study fields in Management – MIM and MBA


MIM- a pre experience degree:

MIM or Masters in Management is a very popular course that has its roots mostly in European countries, though now MIMs are cropping up all over the world. Many universities in India are now offering the MIM course under various names like a Post Graduate program in Management, PGDM or simply under its own name ‘MIM’. MIM is a course which is designed for fresh graduates who intend to pursue a management career or for the mid-career professionals. It gives more emphasis to the theoretical part since the students are either less or not experienced at all.


Take a glance at the Masters in Management program:

  • MIM is best for recent graduates or people after about a year or two on the job, however a professional experience is not a pre – requisite
  • MIM is officially a Master of Science degree, and emphasizes on in-depth theoretical knowledge concentrating on the fundamentals of business
  • On an average it is a 24 months program providing you with an higher studies degree
  • An MIM graduate is eligible for an entry level position starting with a Management Trainee scaling up to Top managerial level
  • MIM develops global leaders with insight on emerging economies, their unique business challenges and a perception driven by global competitiveness and innovation


MIM could be a gateway for all those willing to work in a strategic position in a Managerial or techno managerial role.


MBA – Rising on the career ladder

World is widening in its own rate and so is the competition. With changing demands from the industry, the trend of people picking up on the higher education has also undergone a change. Consequently, unlike people of old times, who used to prefer vertical career integration, students have now realized the need of Management study after they have pursued their graduate degree. And an average MBA class in universities, national and international, people from all fields of work and study are seen admitted. Business leaders are coming up to acquire more businesses for the country and in turn leading the country to an economic high rise. And to support such initiative, MBA programs are designed to support the leaders, to get them to the peak. Developing an existing idea with the new technology and concept is the main aim of the MBA degree.


Don’t get confused- know the height before you jump

But even after knowing its high prospect, sometimes students and professionals make a wrong decision in choosing the right course. So here are some guidelines for you to help you in choosing the right path.


  • While pursuing MBA, it has always been noticed that most of the students are already in the world of business. And yes it is true. MBA is for everyone- from the starters to the professionals
  • MBA is much more practical than theoretical which mainly concentrates on application of business techniques.
  • In general is a one year or 15 months program
  • An applicant applying to MBA program is usually expected to have at least 2 years of work experience post graduation and before starting with the program
  • Though it teaches the same skill-sets as a Masters in Management program does, it is still much more popular study field, basically originating from USA
  • An MBA degree holder can seek for a mid-level position with a relative higher salary


So getting with the MBA course has been a good choice for enhancing the development of the career.


Chalk out your own career path

By now, the above pointers must have provided a clear idea about the basic difference between the two courses i.e. MIM and MBA. The MIM is for talented and ambitious young graduates with little or no work experience who strive to build a career in business. It can be a gateway to enter the world of business with the basic theory knowledge of the ever competing world of business. While on the other hand, MBA is better understood if you are having a work experience and are in need of enhancement of knowledge, analysis tools and networking opportunities in order to change your line of business or secure a promotion.


Pragmatically both MBA and MIM are management studies and groom an individual to go beyond their technical jobs or core functions. What need not be forgotten here is that no matter which field you are into, you still will need a skill or managing people and resources as you climb the ladder of Hierarchy!


Hence Decide before you take the leap and take the right decision for a bright career.To know more write to us on : counsellors@eugateway.in

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