A Business degree is more generic in nature, which could be pursued by any student irrespective of his previous graduation. This field of study deals with the management of a company, team, resources and refers to a broader scope within management.

About the field:
A Business field encompasses various managerial activities like Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Operations, IT et al. It is also seen as a backbone of any organization. Every organization, irrespective of an industry, would need a Business graduate to work with. The main aim of this field is to increase profitability and curb wastages by proper planning and coordination. As you progress in your career you will be empowered with more strategic roles within the organization.

What Specializations can you study?

As a Business student you can specialize in the various areas including the following:

  • General Management
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Business
  • IT

Positions in which you can work after completing this course

As a Business graduate you can work on various levels depending upon the specialization you choose. Few positions where a Business Graduate works are listed here:

  • Account Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Relationship Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Head Human Resource
  • Resourcing Administrator
  • International Business Consultant


Most of the students base their decision about studying at a particular university on the expected average salary. It is difficult to state an average salary for a Business graduate as this is, one qualification with which you can enter into any company across industries. Hence the average pay will depend largely on the industry and your previous qualification as also the country where you wish to seek a job. However to offer you a sneak peek please check the figures mentioned herewith:

  • Finance Industry: Between USD75995.50 to USD 79252.45
  • Marketing Industry: Between USD 54282.50 to USD 65139.00
  • Human Resource Management: Between USD 21713.00 to USD 27141.25
  • International Business: Between USD 43426.00 to USD 54282.50
  • IT: Between USD 70567.25 to USD 75995.50

*All the figures determines an average salary package after completion of MBA and are as per payscale.com

Bachelors’ course:

A Bachelor’s degree in Business usually lasts for 3 years, and completed a ECTS of 180 to 240 credits. It deals with the functional aspects of an organization and their inter connection. The course develops a students’ perspective for running a business or an organization successfully. It teaches Principles of Management, Organizational Behavior, Marketing, Human Resource et al. It also grooms a student further to become a professional manager through its pedagogy, which includes presentations, case studies, internships to list a few.

Master’s Course:

A Masters course delves deeper into the functional aspects. It develops a decision making and an interpersonal communication skill in the student. MBA being a professional degree empowers a student to become a manager and a decision maker in an organization, irrespective of his field of graduation. In general MBA is one of those very few programs which admit students across various fields of study.

Companies hiring students of Automotive Engineering:

As mentioned above Management or Business graduates are needed in every industry, every field, hence there is no limit on the number of organizations that can hire you after the degree is conferred. Since international consulting is a lesser known and an upcoming stream I would like to mention few organizations which would hire a student in that field:

  • Ernst & Young
  • Deloitte Consulting
  • Mc. Kinsey Consulting
  • Bain & Company
  • Boston Consulting Group
  • KPMG Consulting
  • BMC Software
  • TCS
  • Atkins Global

University requirements for studying Business Degree:

The university requirements for an undergraduate Business Degree depend upon the country of study you choose. For graduate Business Degrees in Europe usually an acceptable Bachelors degree with an ECTS ranging between 180 to 240 credits and 2 years of work experience post graduation is a mandate.

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