Civil engineering is one of the oldest streams of engineering. This field of engineering undertakes planning, supervising, coordinating various construction activities related to buildings, roads, highways, water, sewage et al

About the field:
Building and construction has been undertaken since ages, and with time has advanced to the levels unimaginable. Civil engineering as a field of study has seen tremendous progress with new technologies being introduces with time. A civil engineer would be responsible for building anything from water dams to roads and highways to construction of Sewage treatment plants.

What Specializations can you study?

As a Civil engineering student you can specialize in the various areas including the following:

  • Hydraulic and water resources Engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Urban Engineering
  • Materials Engineering
  • Construction Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Coastal Engineering

Positions in which you can work after completing this course

A Civil Engineer typically works on following positions in his career depending upon his specialization:

  1. Civil Engineering Technicians
  2. Surveyors
  3. Landscape Architects
  4. Construction Managers
  5. Environmental Engineers
  6. Project Coordinators
  7. Urban and Regional Planners
  8. Structural Engineer

According to pay scale, the national average for a Civil Engineer in Germany is 39546.71 US D with a Rise of 20 to 34% with experience. A candidate having hand on project management can expect a rise of about 7% on the national average.

Bachelors’ course:

Bachelor of Civil Engineering is an undergraduate degree which takes 4 years to be completed. A Bachelor course prepares a graduate to enter into a professional career of construction or paves a path to the Masters Degree. In most of the countries a student gets an opportunity to take an industrial internship, which further strengthens their acquired knowledge.

Master’s Course:

A Masters degree gives an opportunity to a student to rise in knowledge over the level of graduation. You can specialize in any sub division of Civil Engineering and carve your path towards the future career. Study in the Masters degree essentially strengthens your scientific and technological knowledge. A Masters Degree in general gets over in 2 years time. It grooms an individual for a direct insertion into a considerable position in the job market.

Companies hiring students of Automotive Engineering:

Few of the best Civil Engineering firms are mentioned herewith:

  1. AECOM Technology Corporation
  2. Jacobs Engineering Group
  3. Laing O’RourkeBain & Company
  4. Bechtel
  5. Vinci
  6. Grupo ACS
  7. Larsen & Tubro
  8. GMR
  9. Hindustan Construction Company

University requirements for studying Business Degree:

You would be needed to have a strong inclination towards design and functional requirements of a structure. A Civil Engineer should have strong hold on calculations and should have a strong background in Physics and Mathematics.

How can you get started?
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