1. Discussion on student interest and Profiling (Zero hour) to understand student preference
  2. 2 Psychometric tests to assess the personality to arrive at the best possible stream & career decision.
  3. 12 one-one-mentor sessions with student/parent(s) to discuss possible study stream & career choices. Also to track the progress of student and helping to build the profile in YEAR1.
  4. Finalize the list of colleges/Universities to apply.
  5. 8 one-one-mentorship sessions in YEAR2 (class 12th) to track the progress in class/grades.
  6. Guiding students for exam like IELTS/TOEFL/SAT or ACT Plus &study plan.
  7. Documents set preparation, like SOP, Essays, LORs
  8. Assisting in making applications to the selected universities.
  1. Scholarship Assistance information & application
  2. 4 Cross cultural training & Personality Development class with very detailed Dos & Don’ts in a particular country (by alumni or expert)
  3. Live interactive session with the Alumni of the particular college/university to get first hand information about what it will be like studying there.
  4. Visa documents & Financial loan Assistance
  5. Visa interview preparation
  6. Value Added Services Post Admit: Forex & Travel Guidance
  7. Accommodation Guidance
  8. Post admission 2 years assistance program to support major part of your education journey