1. Emailing your profile to our contacts across Universities in Europe, to do a run-check and also to assess the possibility of right PhD program and or Research cum Teaching Assignments.
  2. Collating the responses received from various Universities/Professors and presenting a report to you and our understanding (takes around 4-6 weeks time)
  3. Based on the Feedback from Universities and our report, you enroll with EUGateway for further services, which includes, but not limited to:
    • Finalizing the Country of choice to start the research work.
    • Researching the PhD positions in the domain as prior agreed (Non Structured PhD)
    • Researching the Universities offering Fully Funded PhD program or Teaching assignments in Europe. (Structured and Employment basis)
    • Researching the Top PhD programs across paid Universities in the Countries finalized. (Structured)
    • Creating a First draft of top programs and positions based on the above research (15 max)
    • The draft list discussed, positions and Universities finalized to apply (Top 6) – could be more (but at extra cost)
  4. Preparation of Visa documents to travel
  5. Visa interview preparation
  1. Preparation of documents and collecting needed collateral, to start the work, based on the Top 6 listed Universities or Research positions.
    • Updating, rewriting your CV
    • Preparing Essays for the said position or structured program
    • Getting your motivation statement ready (which might vary across the programs/positions)
    • Getting your Letter of Recommendations Ready
    • Making you prepare for any language requirements (like German, French, Spanish, etc)
    • Making you prepare to write IELTS (if required)
    • Reviewing, advising on Research proposal
    • Prepare the application docket and ready to apply
  2. Approaching the Professors or department heads directly for the published PhD positions and initiate conversation (either by our team or best asked to be sent by your email id)
    • Apply to the PhD positions directly online.
    • Communication with the University/Professors and follow-up on the applications.
  3. Once the admission is confirmed, the next step of Visa process and documentation starts.
  4. Add-on services in terms of accommodation assistance
  5. Travel Card, Forex, etc.